Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gas Prices
OK, gas prices are not generally the topic of this blog, but how can one resist. Gas prices are a function of supply and demand. Politicians getting all worked up are a little late to the game - the time to set an energy policy was when oil was at $25 a barrel not $75. The talk of the President and Vice President being pawns to the oil industry is disingenuous, too. Whether it's true or not, $3.00 gas is going to hurt this President's popularity, and the way things are going will hurt Republicans at the polls. That will end that friendship in a hurry.

Oil companies need to view themselves as energy companies and develop alternative fuels; car makers need to develop non-oil-based cars; and consumers need to demand better mileage, performance and alternative-fuel cars. Oh, and drive less. I am one to talk with my Ford Expedition, but at least I drove my smaller and more fuel-efficient Explorer this weekend.

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