Monday, August 07, 2006

Non-Topic Post
This post is related to the whole Arab/Muslim/Iran/Iraq/Israel situation (like I have the knowledge to say anything). I tend to view the world in terms of economics - the better the economics the better the overall outlook. I have thought for some time that many problems in the Middle East could be solved if the economies could be improved. If people had a decent job and income they would be less susceptible to the influence of the Islamists, like Hezbollah and Hamas. These organizations provide social aid, along with their military wings, which builds a strong foundation among the poor. Someone with a full-time job and supporting a family may hate the US and Israel, but is a less likely terrorist recruit than the unemployed person who has no hope. I have not seen much reporting to support this premise, but today, as part of a longer blog, I did see improving economics mentioned as part of a long-term solution. Until people's economic outlook is improved, I do not see much hope.

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