Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grumpy Bastard
Two frustrations this weekend. The family went to Islands for lunch on Saturday. I like the food but the place drives me nuts. What happened to plates? All its burgers are served in baskets. WTF? And it never has enough napkins on the table. Would it be that unprofitable to have a napkin dispenser on table. Throughout the whole meal we bug the waitress for plates and napkins. I am too old to eat a meal out of a basket. It is so annoying. If I want to fight through a meal I'll go to Souplantation.

The second frustration was at JC Penny's, where we went for a few items. Penny's gave up the traditional registers in each department several years ago for centralized Customer Service checkout counters. What a mess, it takes forever. We were at the front of a line and waited ten minutes. The Customer Service counter had FOUR registers working. It took that long for the people in front of us to make their purchases. This has happened before at several Penny's locations. Penny's needs to be more like Costco where people get checked out fast.

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