Saturday, March 29, 2008

Digesting Timberland
I am wading through Wells Timberland's 10-K. There is a significant data to digest. The one parcel of Timberland was acquired in mid-October 2007, so the 10-K reflects one quarter of operations. I have questions that need answers before I can make sensible comments on Timberland's status, especially in terms of timber sales and operations and interest expense.

One item that does not need clarification is that in January and February the REIT raised $12.4 million, and had raised a total of $55.5 million of investor capital. At a $6 million per month run rate, by the end of June Timberland should have an additional $24 million ($6 million for March, April, May and June). At year-end, the mezzanine debt had been paid down by $10.4 million. At the current run rate, it looks like the first $40 million payment (which at year-end was $29.6 million) at the end of June looks likely. The second payment of $30 million in August needs a ramped up run rate.

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Anonymous said...

I can not find enough information in Wells Timberland REIT 10K to assess their efforts at forestry management. What is not broken out in the 10K is reforestation expenses. In Alabama and Georgia you replant cutover timber in late November through mid-February. If they are avoiding replanting to save money they are making it more expensive to replant later and missing a year of growth. I suspect they will try to sell properties that need replanting to offload this expense. I will know soon if they are serious.