Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tipping Point
I like podcasts. I get to listen to what I want when I want, either on my computer or my iPod. Most, but not all, of the podcasts I listen to are outtakes or actual shows that are broadcast on traditional media. A new podcast - The Adam Carolla Podcast - has become the most popular podcast in the country, with nearly two million subscribers in less than two weeks. This is a podcast only, not a rebroadcast of an exisitng show. To me, this is huge and is going to change the broadcast industry.

Adam Carolla was recently fired from 97.1 KLSX in Los Angeles, as the station changed the entire format of the station. Adam's last radio show was Friday, February 2oth, and his first podcast was Monday, February 23. By Wednesday his podcast was on iTunes and became the number one podcast. Carolla's podcast is hilarious but not safe for work (NSFW).

Carolla is going to do the podcast through the end of the year without ads due to his contract with CBS. He will be able to sell advertising, and I would listen to the ads.

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