Sunday, November 01, 2009

Article on Impending Doom in Commercial Real Estate
Here is a Bloomberg article on the "huge," pending commercial real estate crash. Really? Thanks for letting us know - three years too late. The commercial real estate crisis in now in its second year, and about a year ago cap rates jumped over one whole percentage point almost over night due to the credit crisis. Commercial mortgage backed securities are expected to approach record high default rates above 6% in 2010. The doom is already upon commercial real estate. In talking to various real estate professionals, I am hearing that cap rates have stabilized and are no longer increasing, which may lead stabilized values. Decreasing rents and higher lease expenses will put pressure on net operating income, which despite level cap rates will lower valuations.


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Best income fund said...

I agree rents are getting very low these days. However, one thing is true that we can come up to some real solutions if we plan well. Cap rates needs to be stabilize for further growth.

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