Friday, January 27, 2012

Say What?

Here is an example of double-speak gobbledegook from an Inland Western 8-K/A filing:
In light of these results, the Company has determined to hold an advisory vote on named executive officer compensation every year until the next advisory vote on the frequency of future votes on named executive officer compensation.
Ok, that's a head-scratching, confusing jumble of words.  It is also meaningless.  The REIT is allowing shareholders an advisory vote on executive compensation.  Advisory votes are just that, advisory.  The votes are non-binding and don't impact any actual compensation.  Here's my advisory recommendation:  no named executive should get any salary increase until Inland Western's current $6.95 share price is increased and becomes equal to or greater than the price investors originally paid for their shares. 

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Anonymous said...

AMEN to that!