Monday, June 03, 2013

More, More Hunger Games

American Realty Capital Trust IV (ARCT IV), which raised a staggering $1.05 billion in investor capital in March 2013, to close its $1.70 billion equity offering, announced this morning it has acquired a $1.45 billion portfolio of net leased properties from GE Capital.  This follows American Realty Capital Properties' (ARCP) announcement on Friday that it had acquired $800 million of GE Capital properties.  Bloomberg has the details on the ARCT IV's the transaction.  Note that the article appears to confuse the amount of equity ARCT IV plans to use in the transaction.  The REIT is obviously not using its entire $1.70 billion of equity on this acquisition.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea if the GE Capital properties being acquired by ARCP are owned by GE or mortgaged?