Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mid-Week Links

Here are a few articles I found interesting over the past few days:

Colony American Homes, one of the largest buyers of single-family homes for rental purposes, and which pulled its IPO last spring, has expanded into lending to other single-family landlords. 

Hotel operating performance is now above pre-recession levels.  This CalcualtedRisk article reports on the surging lodging sector.  Make sure to click on the graph that details yearly changes. 

A Bloomberg article reports on the surge in German real estate.  This article is just one of many I have read in recent weeks that point to a rebound in European real estate.

In Europe, like in the United States, low interest rates and an improving economy are giving investors confidence in unrated debt securities.  Here is a Bloombeg article on Nordic affinity for high yielding debt.

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