Thursday, December 05, 2013

Bloomberg TV

I watch and like Bloomberg TV.  I switched to Bloomberg during the financial crisis for sound, hyperbole-free news and never went back to CNBC.  I read here in this Business Insider article that Bloomberg is in the "midst of some kind of reassessment of its TV business."  I hope that doesn't mean Bloomberg plans to kill its business news channel.  It's level-headed and informative, and if you watch it on a regular basis you won't find it boring.  You also won't switch back to CNBC.  (Fox Business News is horrible and in its own strange orbit.)


bjdubbs said...

This isn't related to Bloomberg or anything, but I wonder if you have an opinion on CSG. It looks cheap and insiders are buying. My question is whether the depressed share price is the result of retail investors cashing out one at a time from a formerly illiquid investment. If so, that might explain the poor price performance.

bjdubbs said...