Thursday, April 20, 2017


Yesterday's DI Wire was full of press release reprints.  I noted one in my previous post, and here is another on First Capital Realty Trust hiring a new CFO.  I have lost track of how many CFOs this firm has had since new management took over in September 2015, but I am running out fingers to count them.  First Capital still has not filed any financial statements since the second quarter of 2015.  I don't see working with outside auditors as a job description when I read the duties of the new CFO: "overseeing all aspects of the finance function, including capital market activities, financial reporting, accounting, tax and internal audit." This new guy will last until he realizes he is getting paid in Operating Partnership units.

The DI Wire story also noted First Capital's big transaction in Sacramento, California, called Township Nine, and how it is working on a strategic transaction with Presidential Realty Corporation.  The story omitted that the mortgage securing Township Nine is in default and how resolving this debt supersedes any activity on the property.  Oops.  I wrote about the Township Nine mess here

The good news is that there are still third party "due diligence" firms writing reports on this outfit.  I bet they are not getting paid in OP Units.

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