Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogging Bonanza
I have made numerous posts this week on the credit crisis. I am doing this because I believe this is the worst financial situation the US economy has seen since the Depression. The stock market crash of 1987 and the Dot Com crash of 2000 through 2002 were equity problems. And while those were painful, the current debt crisis has much larger ramifications. The deleveraging process is wiping out equity as borrowers sell and write-0ff assets to meet credit requirements. The entire global economy operates on credit and without it the global economy will slow. Equity builds wealth, but day-to-day business runs on credit. If credit is permanently altered, so to will long-term wealth accumulation through equity. The next few weeks are the key to the credit crisis - resolution or implosion - and will set the tone for the future of financial markets for at least the next five to ten years.

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