Monday, September 29, 2008

What Now?
I am not sure, which is kind of a scary thought. I think some deal gets done later in the week - hopefully not before another bank failure. Congress is playing CYA. In interviews on TV and speeches on the floor and in committees, it seems that many congressmen do not understand the severity of the situation, which is why the CYA vote makes sense. As an example, I just received an email that listed how each congressman voted, and Bob Filner (D) voted No. He is from south San Diego, which has more subprime mortgages than in any part of the San Diego County. This bill should help homeowners, so I see no reason why this guy voted against this bill. Despite the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, congressmen put their personal interest first and the country second. If non-financial firms start to fail, or start laying off people, or people start to evaluate their 401k statements, their opinion on the bill - and their congress person - will change - fast.

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