Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kite Completes 1-For-4 Reverse Split

Kite Realty (KRG), which completed its merger of Inland Diversified in early July, finalized its 1-for-4 reverse stock last week.  Investors who originally paid $10.00 per share for their Inland Diversified shares received 1.7 KRG shares in early July, and then these shares were subject to last week's reverse split.  The pre-split breakeven price of KRG's stock for an original Inland Diversified investor was $5.88 ($10.00 divided by 1.7).  The new split-adjusted breakeven price is $23.52, by my calculations ($5.88 times 4).

Today, August 20, 2014, KRG closed at $26.13, or the equivalent of $11.11 to an Inland Diversified investor.

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