Monday, August 18, 2014

Monogram Q&A

The Monogram Residential Trust Q&A regarding its recent valuation is worth a read.  It is eye-popping.  This blog has discussed valuation methods before and is not going to regurgitate the topic again.  But it is worth noting that Monogram determined its value, while Duff & Phelps was used to verify Monogram's valuation assumptions and methodologies. 

Monogram valued its operating properties using forward cap rates and rental growth assumptions based on various markets across the country.  Rental growth rates ranged from 1.7% to 4.9%, with an average of 3.4% annually.  Cap rate assumptions ranged from 5.0% on the high end to a low of 4.2%.  Properties under development were valued using similar methodologies: 
These inputs included construction costs, completion dates, lease up rates, rental growth rates, operating expenses, occupancy, capital expenditures, exit capitalization rates, and discount rates.
The question I have is how does this REIT come up with a value of only $10.41 per share when it uses forward projections with rental growth rates over 3% and cap rates under 5%?


Anonymous said...

still recovering from over-distributing when they were paying a 7% dist.

Clarity Finance said...

The answer to your questions is simple: They were being conservative!