Monday, August 15, 2016

Blackstone's Non-Traded REIT

Here is a Bloomberg article on Blackstone's new $5 billion non-traded REIT - $4 billion initial offering with $1 billion of distribution reinvestment - which was filed last week with the SEC.  The article states that the new REIT will address transparency issues that have plagued other non-traded REITs.  The article does not state how the Blackstone non-traded REIT is more transparent than other non-traded REITs.  Unsubstantiated comments like this annoy me.  Most non-traded REITs have decent transparency, you just have to take the time to read filings.  I am not sure what Blackstone plans to disclose that other REITs do not.

The Bloomberg article has a positive quote from a Green Street Advisors managing director:
“Historically, the fee load has been pretty significant for retail investors to get into these vehicles,” said Dirk Aulabaugh, a managing director in the advisory and consulting unit of Green Street Advisors LLC, a Newport Beach, California-based real estate research firm. Blackstone’s new fund appears to be “better aligned than what has historically been the case in the nontraded REIT space, and I think investors are going to welcome that, and they’ll be successful in raising capital along those lines.”
Like the transparency issue, the article implies through the quote above that the Blackstone non-traded REIT has a better fee structure than other non-traded REITs, but it offers no specific comparisons.  I guess I am going to have to read through the dang filing to find out for myself.

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